Aurora Pump’s computer software programs assist with selecting the best pumps and systems along with providing pump drawings and specifications. These programs save valuable time in the selection and evaluation of pumps and systems.

As an ISO 9001 registered company, Aurora Pump is committed to quality. In addition, to meet your quick ship requirements, the Aurora Distribution Center is stocked with parts and pumps to handle same day shipments. These components, along with an outstanding customer service program, will keep your Aurora Pump system at peak performance for years to come. You can rely on Aurora Pump and our qualified distribution network to provide total fluid flow solutions.

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So, let ASC Pumping Equipment select the correct Aurora Pump for your application. Call us or use the "Request a Quote" link and we will be glad to work with you on selecting the correct pump for your application.

Computer Selection Program:

Aurora Pump can provide pumps for all markets.

  • Municipal
  • Industrial
  • HVAC/Commercial
  • Fire Pump

Information Links

Regenerative Turbine Pumps
Aurora 110 Bulletin
Aurora 120 Bulletin
Aurora 130 Bulletin
Aurora 150 Bulletin

Condensate System
Aurora 210 Bulletin
Aurora 220 Bulletin
Aurora 280 Bulletin

End Suction Pumps
Aurora 320 Bulletin
Aurora 340/360 Bulletin
Aurora 370 Bulletin
Aurora 380 Bulletin
Aurora 326 Bulletin

Splitcase Pumps
Aurora 410 Bulletin
Aurora 420 Bulletin
Aurora 430 Bulletin

Vertical Sump Pumps
Aurora 520 Bulletin
Aurora 530 Bulletin
Aurora 630 Bulletin
Aurora 640 Bulletin
Aurora 670 Bulletin

Sewage Non-Clog Pumps
Aurora 610 Bulletin
Aurora 650 Bulletin
Aurora 660 Bulletin

Seal Water System
Aurora 680 Bulletin

Packaged Systems
Aurora IntelliBoost (VFD)
Aurora CP Boss (Constant Speed)
Aurora 750/760 Bulletin

Fire Pumps
Fire Pump Brochure
Aurora 900 Bulletin
Aurora 910 Inline FIre Pump
Aurora Compact Fire System
Packaged Fire Pump Systems

Hydronic Accessories

Series 1020 Y-Strainers
Series 1030 Suction Diffusors
Series 1040 Combination Valves
Series 1050 Air Seperator
Series 1060 Expansion Tanks
Series 1070 3-Way Strainers
Series 1090 Flexible Connectors
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